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CAPT Guide to Getting Tattooed Safely

Connecticut Association of Professional Tattooers' own guide to getting tattooed safely.

CT Dept. of Public Health

CT Department of Public Health Website for Tattoo Technicians.

World Health Organization

Clean Hands Protect Against Infection. A guide for learning proper handwashing techniques.

Center for Disease Control

How to Remove Gloves Safely. A pictoral guide for prevention of disease transmission.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Guide to Bloodbourne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention from the United States Department of Labor.

Connecticut Judicial Branch

Law Libraries featuring Connecticut Law about Tattoos. Includes research guides and general statutes.

The Environmentalist - Summer 2017

Article in Connecticut Environmental Health Association's publication The Environmentalist

NEHA - Body Art and Partnerships

2016 article from National Environmental Health Association's A Day In The Life Blog.

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