Tattoo Artists: Join The Association

All Tattoo Artists with a valid CT Tattoo Technician license working in a legitimate tattoo establishment are welcome to be a part of the association.

Have your voice heard! Your opinions matter and will be respected.

Current CT State legislation governing tattoo technicians is relatively new and contains vague and irrelevant regulations. It was written by legislators far removed from the intricacies of the tattoo industry. More insightful regulations are required to close loopholes currently being exploited by disreputable individuals who profit with disregard to public welfare.

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CAPT will be the official association for the State of Connecticut to consult with on these matters. By having this official organization, we have already recieved the attention of the state health department, and we are enacting change within the state.

If you are a CT tattoo artist and are interested in becoming a member of CAPT, you can join online at our members site If you have any questions about membership, please send a message to

Attend group sponsored events and get to know your fellow tattooers!

The Connecticut Association of Professional Tattooers provides assurance to tattoo patrons that their tattoos are done by qualified professionals.
We will work to ensure that Connecticut regulation of tattoo technicians reflects the modern concerns and current standards of the tattoo industry.

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Connecticut Tattooer Joe Capobianco ranting about "Tattoo Schools and The Industry" on the Brushes of Doom Podcast.

Tell your fellow tattoo artists and clients about it.

The most effective way to support our cause is to personally tell people who do tattoos and who love tattoos. We need to get everyone onboard with this and help those who are making an effort on your behalf. Join the Association and be proud to advertise that you are a member. A social media post will take a couple of minutes and do a world of good towards strengthening our efforts.

This association is comprised of Individual Artist Members. This is about rules imposed on us as individuals, whether shop owners or otherwise. Having just one artist from your shop as a member doesn't mean all of your coworkers are represented.

It's time for tattoo artists to unite, put aside any differences and acknowledge that which we all have in common, the love of tattooing. We are ultimately in charge of educating our clients, and the entire public, on tattoo safety. There are less than 700 registered tattoo technicians in CT. Think of all those you know, have heard of, or seen their work online... you probably recognize many of them.
Through our collective efforts we will succeed in preserving our dignity and maintaining an industry built on respect and rooted in tradition.

Official CAPT Sponsors

These companies and organizations have graciously offered discounts for our members.