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As professional tattoo artists with years of experience, we have an insight into the daily operation of a tattoo studio that those outside our industry simply have never been exposed to. Regulations have been put in place that are either vague or arbitrary, by those far removed from the tattoo industry. Now, exploiting loopholes in the law, and demonstrating a blatant disregard for the industry, opportunistic individuals have been selling licenses to those who are unqualified.

We need to have smart and consistent regulations that apply to tattooing and tattoo shops for the betterment of the tattoo industry, not just for the collection of fees.

Act Concerning the Licensing of Tattoo Technicians

The forming of legislation introduced in 2013 requiring tattoo artists to be licensed by the state Department of Public Health.

CAPT Benefits the Community

The Connecticut Association of Professional Tattooers has taken the initiative to act in the best interest of the tattooed public, by being a force for positive change. We are actively working to benefit our communities through public health education.

Members of CAPT have represented Connecticut's tattoo artists at meetings of the CT Environmental Health Association (CEHA), and the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).

CAPT has taken an active role in Connecticut by inviting health department officials from several of Connecticut's districts to our own meetings, to discuss the formation of uniform regulations for health inspectors. The sanitarians we've spoken with have been very receptive to what we are doing and we look forward to working together more closely in the future.

In October 2018, members of CAPT met with WTIC radio host Steve Parker to speak live on the air about tattooing in CT. Steve's show is all about caring people trying to have a positive effect on people's lives in Connecticut. Naturally it was an excellent outlet for spreading public safety awareness and the reasons why it's important to choose a professional tattoo artist.

Annually at the tattoo convention in Hartford, CAPT organizes a public information campaign. We offer guides to the public on safe handling of a new tattoo and educate tattoo patrons about the dangers of underground tattooing.

CAPT has been working directly with the state Department of Public Health to form more reasonable and pertinent regulations for tattoo artists, and guidelines for tattoo shop inspection. CAPT has also worked with local health inspectors to identify and stop the operation of underground tattooers who have surfaced in our small towns right here in Connecticut.

Support Professional Artists!

By supporting the Connecticut Association of Professional Tattooers, you can help dispel many of the myths and rumors perpetuated through lack of information. As tattoo artists, we hear first hand many of the misconceptions held by the public.

We are creating a resource for public education and health consciousness. This will be a place you can direct clients for accurate and reliable answers to those questions most frequently asked. Through public education we will help consumers avoid tattoo related scams and profiteers.

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